The M-Fingers consist of multi-articulating fingers offered in 5 sizes and 3 colors.  The M-Fingers are able to conform around objects providing a more secure and confident grip for the user.  They were designed to be simple to operate and controlled by the users own motion.  By the user having direct control of the fingers, this will allow them to perform tasks more effectively, more responsively, and with optimized precision.  The M-Fingers were specifically formulated with strength and durability in mind.  Our fingers perform a multitude of tasks throughout the day which is why the M-Fingers were designed with high strength composite materials and extremely durable over-mold materials to provide the strength and durability necessary for long term use.  




The Partial M-Fingers were designed for someone missing a portion of their finger.  A custom molded, high strength carbon fiber socket can be constructed to provide the user with a custom fitted socket to provide optimum comfort and stability to control the Partial M-Fingers.  The Partial M-Fingers are controlled by motion in the remaining finger so the user has direct control of speed and placement of the fingertip.  This will allow for precise and rapid grasping of objects.  


The Titan series of prosthetics fingers are the latest innovation from Partial Hand Solutions.  They are designed to meet the needs of the heavy duty user.  The Titan series are machined out of high strength titanium.  The ratchet design allows the user to manually position the joints in the most functional position and provide a very secure grasp.  The Titan series come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for someone missing a portion of their finger or complete absence of the finger.  Various bases allow for the device to be fit as a finger or thumb.  The thumb mount offers full rotation with adjustable friction. 


The M-Thumb was developed for someone with a complete absence of their thumb.  It can provide a considerable improvement in function due to its multi-positional capabilities and adjustable resistance.  The M-Thumb was designed to provide as much dexterity as possible to maximize the functional return for those who have lost a thumb.  The M-Thumb can be rotated and flexed or extended to a position most useful for the user.  The thumb also has a fingernail incorporated into the design to allow the user to pick up very small objects with ease and precision.