Partial Hand Solutions is an innovative company dedicated to advancing technology for partial hand amputees.  Since the companies inception in 2007, Partial Hand Solutions has provided functional solutions for many active soldiers and individuals with partial hand and partial finger amputations.  Partial Hand Solutions prosthetic fingers are the first of its kind that can offer a functional option for those individuals.  The M-Fingers, Partial M-Fingers and M-Thumb have allowed these individuals to maximize their potential and enhance their overall functional outcome.  The new TITAN series prosthetic fingers are now available and designed to meet the demands of the heavy duty user and highly active individuals.  

Matthew J. Mikosz, CP, LP, founder of Partial Hand Solutions and inventor of the M-Finger, Partial M-Finger, M-Thumb and the latest innovation, the TITAN series, is a board certified prosthetist through the American Board for Certification.  He received his board certification in prosthetics in 1998.  Matthew is also a member of the upper limb society.  He has lectured and consulted internationally and has written several published articles and book chapters.  Matthew recognized the need to advance technology for partial hand amputees due to the limited options currently available.  Partial Hand Solutions products are currently available worldwide and distributed by Liberating Technologies in Holliston Massachusetts.



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